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Spotless Wipe Down
  • Spotless Wipe Down

    SPOTLESS WIPE DONW is our industry leading water spot remover containing ceramic! This products will not strip wax and is safe on ceramic coatings, actually adding ceramic protection after every wipe. This product is perfect for a long weekend on the water to remove all those annoying hard waters spots and water grime. can be applied on a wet or dry surface ending in a streak free ceramic shine! Safe on most surfaces, paint, gelcoat, fiberglass, stainless steel, glass, and plastic. *Can be used on coated, raw, and polished aluminum if applied to a shaded cool surface and immediately wiped away, always test in a small inconspicuous area when used on aluminum.* great for boats, vehicles, glass, motorcycles, motorhomes, and power sports vehicles. Try it on your shower doors at home!! 

    • Directions:

      SHAKE WELL, spray a light mist over a 2’-3’ section, using a microfiber or soft towel spread product evenly, flip towel to dry side and buff dry to a ceramic shine! For best results, use immediately right after pulling out of the water, on a cool surface. Not recommended to apply on a really hot surface, so use caution. 

      *Aluminum: first test on small inconspicuous area. Always apply to a cool shaded surface. lightly mist aluminum, spread with microfiber or soft towel, flip and immediately buff dry. Always work in small areas of aluminum, and do not let sit for long period of time.