This is everything in our off-road line in one bundle!!

•MEAN GREEN is a highly concentrated non corrosive, all purpose cleaner. this formula is designed to effortlessly lift and loosen all stuck on mud, dirt, sand, contaminants, and stains from your surface. for use on all plastics, paints, metals, vinyl/leather, and vinyl wraps. 

•RAPID WASH is designed specifically around the off-road/motosport industry. this wash is enhanced with select cleaners designed to remove tough mud, dirt, sand, contREPEL is a ceramic based conditioning shine and sealant. this highly hydrophobic solution is specifically designed to repel Mud, Dirt, Sand, and Grime from permanently sticking to your surface while adding a new looking shine to your vehicle. REPEL makes clean up process much easier creating a barrier between your surface and whats sticking to it. designed for use on all off-road vehicles, plastic, rubber, vinyl, even metals and powder coat to give that extra shine.aminants, and stains leaving behind that fresh new look. this super slick concentrate helps prevent scratching and marring during the cleaning process.



The Worx Off-Road